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Chill Out IDM Kruibeke Music Musician Producer Underground Waasland

Magpies & Diamonds by The Fox Is My Friend

Title track from the unreleased Magpie & Diamonds EP

2016 Antwerp Belgium Bert Jan Koen De Rijcke Digital Release DIY Donkeren Chill Underground Waasland

Leave The Left by The Fox Is My Friend on Spotify

2020 Belgium Bert Jan Koen De Rijcke Chill Hop Digital Release DIY Donkeren Chill Down Tempo IDM Underground Vintage Underground Label Waasland

Money & Digits EP

2011 2012 Belgium Birdy Richman Kruibeke Live Band Music Musician Underground Waasland

Birdy Richman

Was a live band, power trio … With Yoni De Pauw on drums, St├ęphane Denys on bass, and Bert De Rijcke on guitar, and vocals, the recorded one demo in 2009, and two EP’s, one in 2011 (The Birdy EP) and one in 2012 (All Directions) … the band stopped playing in 2013

On Spotfy you can listen to the 2 EP’s

2016 Antwerp Art Belgium Waasland

Kleuren Wervel 1 // Digital Art

2016 Art Belgium Waasland

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