Starting back on a cold January 2015

… Only a laptop and some Ubuntu Linux Software, and internet,
to make music as producer, under B//Man, The Fox Is My Friend, Zen Monkey, and eventually Katteman … Keeping in contact with people, and locations over the years

Meanwhile rehearsing with some bands, playing guitar, vocals, bass, since 1997

Quit all bands in 2016 … organized a small festival in September 2015,
and after trying to fix some next and upcoming things, collecting talent, also Painters, and Conceptual Work, as well as underground live bands, and other underground/independent artists, producers, DJ’s

Still making plans and music during the time to come and pass… so after years, built this website, connecting all peaces and starting further network, and pro-active skills, to get certain things going

To bring all together … and get some stuff done

Thanks for the support, it really means something,
not all is just because, or as simple as it might seem

Kind Regards,

Dnn Birdie
aka Bert


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