Upcoming album, expected this summer / Kloot Per W & Katteman – Tekno Bluezers + Pinguin / Digipack // 15€

Merchandise in stock

Cds card-wallets, from B//Man (S/T // Hi-Pro b3Ats) // 5€

Also the first 5 first albums from The Fox Is My Friend (also card-wallets) // 5€/pcs

Birdy Richman, All Directions EP / Jewel Case full option // 10€

Vinyl is possible, but very expensive

Blanco DIY-Bootleg-CDs with music of choice, are always available / 5€

If one wants wavs or mp3’s, we can mail a transfer

T-shirts with skull .. can be ordered, // 25€


All depends on the demand, so If you are interested,
please contact us, the more people are on the list, the more and the better the price we can fix stuff

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