Vintage Underground Label

Not the next me/diocre

Penthouse Cave Studio

Vintage Underground Label is a Social-Cultural Project about Underground Music & Art

Underground? Art/Music Label? Project? Collective? Vintage…?

What ‘s in the name? For a lot of people VINTAGE, refers to old things, or dated stuff, (but really high standard for the time). But the concept of “Vintage” can be seen much larger, than just some collectors cookie box, your grandma always kept in her closet.

Vintage Underground Label, likes to fill in this concept, towards a kind and open view, that nothing has to be perfect, or posh style trendy, to be cool or of good quality, rather than to be liked, to be interesting or to be appreciated.

We prefer, good quality (off-course), but in the meantime, also the perfect imperfections as part of the whole, which means we include a lot of charm and character, which people are free to love (or hate).

So we strife and accept this challenge. Not just for the sake of some instant coffee, or mainstream trends, hypes, etc., on the contrary …

We go for the more honest and uncut … The Progressive side on what is art, and what is music … Trying to translate the mystery and the challenge, and off-course the great talent which gets aspired and brought up for further notice

We like the timeless aspect of it, it doesn’t matter if its new or made some time ago, if we think it’s good and fits the glove, we might have something in our basket. To get people to connect, and share the passion, to make it a fun thing to do, and witness …

So we try to create a certain platform, along with this site for networking, free promo and further exposure, meanwhile we search for locations, partners, press, yet any one interested for events, expo and or other stuff

Local or international talent, no restriction, and the more freedom and individuality it includes, the better it gets.

You could say, it ‘s an eclectic genre/concept, bringing people together, around Music & Art

Concept & Development, coming from the ”Do It Yourself” // DIY underground, on a base of ”Volunteers, fans, support and professionals”

Always busy, networking and creating a platform, for those hidden treasures of artists, bands, painters, graphic artists, DJ, and other craftsmanship, along with modern media & internet counting 2020

So Thanks for reading, listening, viewing, commenting and spreading the word …

And sure stick around for a while, a lot of artists and other stuff, you can discover on this site

Kind Regards,

Kemzeke, April 2020,
Waasland / Flanders / Belgium / Europe