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Into The Core

Hi, I ‘am Bert, 37 years old, born in a local hospital, on a cold December morning, 1982 Antwerp … Growing up, living in ” ‘t Land Van Waes”, playing soccer, skateboarding, hanging out, for many years … Center of lovely Europe on the country side over de river with Antwerp

So it came to be, 15 of January 2015, finding myself with nothing left, than the immense urge “enorme goesting” of learning to produce electronic music, taking steps further into Musicology… and designing digital art, such as digital prints, video-editing and visuals, as well, so to be DIY of the own graphic designs

So I worked my ass off, … All, with only a laptop, and Linux Ubuntu software. No schooling, all self-tuition, and self-development, after being musician for 18 years, playing bass, guitar, and doing vocals, years, in many bands, playing lot of shows, suddenly … the need for something else, something new

And the years of dedication, made the next episode come true, this producer-thing, single man productions, and techniques, well very glad it became something more, then a faded sticker on a skate-board

… and people like it, support it and even buy it … so along the way,
this project became a little web-shop // Focused on ART & MUSIC // D.I.Y. using tools of free access, applying to Linux Ubuntu for making this possible

So take a look around, maybe find some free download, or cool T-shirt, or even some nice Digital-Art-print for home-decoration or as unique gift, as we offer our service gladly

Welcome and have a nice stay

Kind Regards